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Ice skating is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time! The IceForum Skating Academy offers a positive environment for learning the correct way to skate, for helping to promote friendships, and for improving self-esteem.


The Skating Academy program follows the curriculum of the US Figure Skating.  The Skating Academy teaches basic fundamentals of skating as well as hockey.

All lessons are given by a staff of highly qualified professional instructors.  Please direct all inquiries to the . The IceForum staff will do their best to answer any questions when the Skating Academy office is closed.




Group Lessons:
The IceForum offers 8-week semesters throughout the year.  This extensive schedule allows many opportunities for new enrollments as well as for continual training year round.

Skating Levels:
We have skating classes for all skill levels, from beginners to national contenders, for ages 3 to 103!

Levels Basic 1 through Basic 6 exist for skaters aged 6 - 12. 

Young Adults age 13-17 can start with Young Adult 1, and then progress to Young Adult 2. After they pass these levels, they can decide to join the Basic 3 class included in the range above.

Adults and their family members aged 18 and above may participate in our accelerated Adult Basic 1 - 6 classes.  For our youngest skaters, aged 3 - 6, we have the Snowplow Sam Series, levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Tots who pass all four Snowplow Sam levels, and who demonstrate the emotional and intellectual maturity necessary for the Youth Basic series, may continue at that level.

Students, their family members, and other supporters should not be concerned if it takes more than one class semester for the skater to successfully complete any given level.  No two skaters progress at exactly the same rate, and the learning rate varies from week to week even for the same skater.  Each skater is encouraged and allowed to progress at their own rate.

Skaters who pass Pre-Freeskate or Adult Basic 6 may progress to our advanced level classes: Freeskate 1-2.  Skaters at or above this level may also choose to take private lessons.  Skaters should consult with an instructor for information on private lessons and advanced skating levels.

For more information on our curriculum, visit the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills USA Program website.

First Day Of Class:
On the first day of class, students should arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Students must bring their class registration card to every class and have it checked off at the front counter.  Students must also have their class registration card in order to be admitted to the free practice session.  Students not presenting their cards will not be admitted to class unless they purchase a $5.00 replacement card.  Students will meet their instructor on the ice.  

What to Wear:
It is recommended that Tots and young children wear a hat or helmet.  Gloves or mittens are also helpful for all skaters.  Students should wear long pants or other skating attire that allows freedom of movement.  A sweater or jacket is recommended.

Class Size and Enrolling:
A student/teacher ratio of 10:1 will be maintained whenever possible, with the exception of the Snowplow Sam classes which will have a ratio of 8:1.  Classes with fewer than five skaters registered may be combined with other age groups at the same level.  Class registration dates and times are written on the registration schedule and will be posted at the rink approximately 4 weeks before the next semester is scheduled to begin.  Registration must be done in person and paid in full during registration times only.  Students who wish to continue their enrollment should consult with their current instructor to determine the appropriate class level to be assigned in the following semester.

Practice Sessions:
Group class registration includes one designated public session per week during semester.  Student must have their class card in order to be admitted.  Unused sessions do not carry over into the next semester. 

Making up Classes:
Students have the opportunity to make-up missed classes at any time during the first 6 weeks of the semester by attending the same level class on another day.  Persons should refer to the class schedule for a list of all class levels and times or call the Skating School Director.  Students do not need to notify the IceForum when they will be missing a class or making up a class.  When making up a class, students must check in at the front counter with their registration card. No make-ups will be allowed weeks 7&8.

Refund and Credit Policy:
There will be no refunds after the first class is given. A fee of $10 will be deducted from any refund if cancellation occurs before the first class. The class card must be surrendered to have a refund.

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