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IHA Adult League RULES:


This page contains all the applicable rules of play for an individual game of the IHA Hockey League. The information draws on the Bylaws of the IHA Hockey league.


This document should be considered the final word regarding any discussion of rules with respect to any individual game of the IHA.  


Bylaws of the IHA


The following are all of the clauses relevant to the rules of play contained within the bylaws of the IHA.


Team Captains


Those individuals wishing to serve as Team Captains must so indicate their wish to the League prior to the start of the season schedule. All captains must be a member of the team they are captain of. The Board reserves the right to deny requests to serve as a Team Captain. A goaltender may assist a captain in drafting as a Team Representative but may NOT be the on ice captain.. Each Captain must wear a “C” on his team jersey as a designation of his position or notify the referee.  



Temporary Players - NEW


No temporary players will be permitted to fill in for an injured or absent player. If a player is injured, he may forfeit his roster spot on the team for the remainder of the season and a replacement player picked to serve out the season at a pro-rated fee.



Use of an Ineligible Player


The only players authorized to play in a game are those listed on the league official roster. If an ineligible player is found to be playing in the league, the Captain (or Alternate Captain if Captain not present) of the team shall be suspended for one game and the game will be listed as a forfeit.




All players must be 18 years or older with a signed waiver. Any player 16-17 years of age, wishing to play in the adult league, may do so by playing on the team with a parent and  a waiver signed by his/her parent. 


Goaltender Absenteeism


If a goaltender is not going to be able to be present for a game, he must notify his captain as soon as possible. The captain may use a goaltender from his division or a lower division if available without approval, or any league approved goaltender with approval from that games opposing team captain prior to the start of the game. Use of unapproved goaltenders will cause game forfeiture. Captain must make every effort to contact a league official of his intent.


Suspensions and Probation


a. Life Suspension: A life suspension can be given only with the unanimous consent of the IHA League Officials.


b. Temporary Suspension: A temporary suspension may be given by the Commissioner or League Division Heads.


c.       Probation: Same as a temporary suspension


d.       Expressed Duration: All suspensions and probations (except life suspension) shall be for a given number of games as opposed to any other criteria. The exception to expressed duration is a temporary suspension given for the entire season or the remainder of the regular season or playoffs.


Team Assignment


Once a player has been assigned to a team, he will remain with that team for the entire season unless (1) he volunteers to drop out of the league, or (2) he is moved in the league to a different division.


The league reserves the right to move a player and/or an entire team up or down a division/divisions during a season.


Observation of the Rules and Regulations of the League


Any player who does not observe any rule or regulation of the league shall face suspension as decided by the league commissioner or division heads.



All rosters must be submitted to the IHA no later than 2 days after captains meeting for the coming season.



1.        An email must be sent to the division head and IHA Administrator at least 2 days prior to the game in which you wish to have them evaluated. 

2.        Scorekeeper AND Captain of opposing team must be made aware of the skater being evaluated.


 IHA General Rules


The Commissioner of the Ice Arena shall govern IHA. A team Committee shall consist of the Captain or designated representative of each league member team. Division Heads make up the league committee.


For insurance and safety purposes, USA-approved helmets and equipment must be worn at all times during all games. All players must have face protection. half visor or full visor.


Each game is scheduled for 1-1/2 hours and will consist of time allowed for a 5 minute warm up, three consecutive 25 minute run time periods with two 2 minute intermissions and a 5 min.  5 on 5 over time. These 5 minutes will be runtime, penalties will be 2 minutes and no time outs are allowed.


Two points will be awarded for each win. In the case of a tie, one point will be awarded to each team, an additional point is awarded to the team that wins in over time.


IHA is a no body-checking league. Body checking another player will result in a minor or major penalty, depending on the intent.


Icing rule- Should any player of a team, equal or superior in
numerical strength to the opposing team, shoot, bat with the
hand or stick, kick or deflect the puck from his defending blue line
to beyond the goal line of the opposing team, provided that no one on the other team can play the puck legally, play shall be stopped and the puck faced off at the defending end face-off spot of the team that shot the puck down.

Player jersey numbers are to be determined before the start of the first game and provided to the League Administrator. All team jerseys must be uniform with numbers before the fourth game of the season. Once numbers are assigned, any person found to be playing under a number not theirs (imposter) IHA shall make that player and number void. (Exception: a league approved sub, may use a number rostered to player or another member of the same team may use a number assigned to his team mate. HOWEVER, both the opposing Captain AND the Scorekeeper must be made aware of the change in numbers for either scenario).  


General information

Game Time:

5 minute warm up

3 x 25 minute running clock periods

2 x 2 minute intermissions

10 minute flood after game




If a REGULAR SEASON GAME ends in a tie then proceed to a  5 man shootout. Home team must shoot first. After all 5 rounds Home shoots first and next goal wins.


Stop Time Rules:


TIE GAME or 1 goal difference: 5 minute stop clock in third period

2 goal difference: 3 minute stop clock

3 goals or more: NO stop clock


ALL Penalties that START in the run clock are 2:30 in length (i.e. if a team calls time out with 5:01 remaining in a one goal game, that penalty will be 2:30 in length as it started in run time)



Playoff rules format: (Higher Seed is the HOME TEAM)

If a PLAYOFF GAME ends in a tie (proceed down the list)

1. A sudden death 4 on 4 OT (10 minutes run time, penalties 2:30)
2. A Five man shootout. Home team must shoot first.
3. If still tied, home team shoots, if goal scored game is over and visitor will NOT be able to get the sixth shooter. If goal is not scored, visitor shoots. If visitor shots and scores game is over. If neither scores, repeat #3.

If a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ends in a tie:

1. 4 on 4 OT (20 minute run time, penalties 2:30).
2. Repeat #1 until someone scores.

Shootout Rules:

1. HOME team shoots first.
2. All players on the bench must have shot once before someone shoots twice. 
3. If you are in the box at the end of overtime and your penalty has not expired, you may NOT participate in the shootout.
4. If you are playing in CC or the C division and you have 3 goals, you may NOT participate in the shootout.
5. If you are flagged in ANY division and you have scored, you may NOT participate in the shootout.

Team feeIHA is a per player/per season league. A team roster shall consist of a minimum 12 full-time players, including the team captain and goalie. IHA reserves the right to place players on your team up to a maximum of 18 full-time players.


Season Length: A season shall consist of twelve (12) games. Playoffs will be played for each division and one Champion will be named for each division.


Team Captains have full responsibility for filling their team roster. A base team shall consist of a minimum of twelve (12) players. An open draft shall be held before the start of each season for unassigned players, of which the team Captains shall select players for open positions on their roster.


In the C and CC Divisions, players are limited to three goals in one game. If a player is credited with a fourth goal, it is disallowed and the faceoff is taken at center ice. The scorekeeper will notify the referee of the disallowed goal.


In ANY division a player may be flagged. This is listed on the roster and that player is limited to ONE goal per game. If a player is credited with a second goal, the goal is disallowed and faceoff is at center ice. The scorekeeper will notify the referee of the disallowed goal.


Divisions shall be defined as:


            C:         Beginning adult player, recreational level


            CC:       Advanced Beginner, recreational level.


            B:         Intermediate player, recreational level.


            BB:       Advanced Intermediate player, recreational level.


            A:         Advanced Adult player, sport level


            AA:       Upper Advanced adult player, sport level


            AAA:    Upper Advanced adult player, elite level


Before the game:


Before each game, the Team Captain or Assistant for each team should introduce themselves to the scorekeeper and the referees until the referees and captains know one another, and so the scorekeeper knows who must sign the game log sheet for each team.

All players will wear the team assigned colored jersey with a number. NO EXCEPTIONS.


League Officials


Any League Official may skate in any game, in an on ice coaching capacity. 


Breaking Ties in Standings During Regular Season & the Playoffs:


Where two or more teams are tied (in terms of points at the end of the regular season), ranking will be determined according to the following criteria:


a)                  a)                  total number of wins, followed by:

b)                  b)                 points earned in the head to head games, followed by;

c)                  c)                  goal differential, followed by;

d)                  d)                 a coin toss between team captains


Penalties & Suspensions


A minor penalty is 2.5 minutes, four minor penalties (or an accumulation of 10 minutes in penalties) incurred by the same player in a game will result in immediate ejection . It is the scorekeepers responsibility to notify the referee of a players third penalty. Any subsequent ejection from a game as a result of accumulating 10 minutes in penalties will be reviewed by the board for a possible additional game suspension.

If a player received a delayed penalty and the other team scores, the goal will still count and the penalty IS recorded on the score sheet and WILL count towards the 4 minor/10 minute rule. Example: Player has 3 penalties, player receives a minor delayed call and the other team scores, player is ejected as this is his fourth penalty in a game. If the penalty results in a penalty shot, the penalty is still recorded on the scoresheet and WILL count towards the 4 minor/10 minute rule.


I.E. A major penalty plus a minor penalty in run time is 8 minutes (5.5 + 2.5), Should the player get a minor in the last part of the game for 2 minutes, he is then ejected (5.5 + 2.5 + 2= 10),  NOTE the rule says OR 10 minutes.

If a player is removed from the game for a fighting major and a game misconduct the player is removed from the current game and the next scheduled game. Referees will be informed that they will not issue a fighting major unless it is truly a fight. There will be no appeals to the suspension for this rule.

The league will not tolerate abusing an official. If you are called for a game misconduct, you will be suspended for a minimum of one game. There will be no appeals to the suspension.

In addition, if you are suspended for any reason, you will not be allowed to sub in on any team in any division until that suspension has been served.


 Any substitute player receiving a MAJOR, MISCONDUCT, OR GAME MISCONDUCT penalty MAY be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season. 


Physical and/or excessive verbal abuse of any official will not be tolerated. Misconduct penalties will be assessed by the on ice official. A team may make an appeal of these penalties and/or protest any game. The commissioner must be informed of a protest/appeal directly following game by notifying the scorekeeper of his intent. The commissioner will review major penalty reports. Some situations could result in additional disciplinary actions.


“Instigation to fighting”, “intent to injure” or any other “gross misconduct” as determined be the on ice official, will result in a minimum suspension of the following regular season or playoff game.


 A major penalty that occurs within the last 5 minutes of the game will result in expulsion for the duration of that game PLUS THE NEXT SCHEDULED GAME. For the purpose of calculating cumulative penalty time, a major penalty is 5 minutes, and a misconduct or game misconduct is 10 minutes.


The penalized player must ensure that the door closes behind them after serving the penalty. If it does not close, a referee must blow the whistle and assess a minor penalty for delay of game on the same player. The scorekeeper is NOT responsible for closing the door behind any player.

During an altercation, the clock is NOT to be stopped, unless normal clock stoppage rules apply. While the referees discuss the call, it is up to the referees to tell the scorekeeper to stop the clock. The clock MUST run until the referee tells the scorekeeper to stop the clock, unless normal clock stoppage rules apply.

Penalties & Suspensions (continued)


A Match Penalty is a “deliberate” attempt to injure. Most penalties come with degrees of penalization:


            A Minor (2.5 minutes)

            A Double Minor (4.5 minutes) Second penalty starts at 2:30      

            A Major (5.5 minutes) WITH or without ejection

A Match Penalty: this warrants removal from the game plus additional disciplinary action according to the Leagues bylaws. THE TEAM COMMITTEE WILL MAKE A DECISION BASED ON THE REFEREE’S GAME REPORT.




1 - Only players designated as Substitutes are allowed to play on a team other than that teams rostered players.
2 - Any skater in violation of the previous rule must be announced to the scorekeeper and approved in advance of the start of each game by that teams division head or opposing captain.
3 - All teams must have a min. of 12 players paid in full prior to the start of a season.

4 - A full time rostered player must have 8 games played to be eligible for the playoffs or be approved to play by the division head before the start of the first playoff game for that division

The IHA reserves the right to evaluate all skaters not currently rostered on a team and may move said skater to the correct level he should be in. Any sub wishing to play in a playoff game must have played in, and paid for 8 regular season games prior to playoffs.


 RULE: You MUST notify the scorekeeper and the Captain of the opposing team of the names of Substitutions and the numbers they are wearing.


Protest/Appeal Procedure


All protests must be submitted in writing by the Team Captain or Team Representative to the League Commissioner within 24 hours of a suspension, incident or event being protested or appealed. (Game log sheet must also have been signed as a protest immediately following game) ~ Refs and scorekeeper should be notified at the end of the teams intention to file a protest.


Procedures for the review of on ice protests are as follows:


The referee assesses the penalty.


The referee, in consultation with the timekeeper, writes up the incident on the game sheet


Protests of off-ice incidents, events or decisions are to be submitted directly to the League Commissioner in writing.



Procedures for the review of on ice protests are as follows (Continued)


Within the framework of a protest or disciplinary meeting, the Team Committee will review and discuss the write-up of the suspension(s), discuss the suspension(s), review the protest letter, discuss the protest letter, votes on the protest, and inform the player and referee involved.


Is it the responsibility of the Team Captain to inform the player.


The individual votes of the members of the Team Committee are strictly confidential.


A player suspended must sit out the next game or consecutive games, not games of their choice.


Refund/Credit Policy


IHA has instituted a NO REFUND/CREDIT policy






Amendments may be added pending League Official review and approval