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Aren Nielsen grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.  He is a 5 time former US National medalist, International competitor, and US World Team Member.  He competed for 19 years and trained under Olympic Champion Carol Heiss-Jenkins, and Olympic Coach, Don Laws. He is a Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Figures under the USFS testing structure. Aren has more than 15 years coaching experience and is a PSA Master Rated coach in Freestyle. He has coached several skaters through their USFS Gold Medal tests. His coaching highlights include students achieving a podium placement at the US National Championships in the Intermediate, and Novice levels.  Aren is available as a primary coach to skaters who wish to pursue competitions and testing.  Additionally, he’s the IceForum Figure Skating Director and figure skate technician.

Laurie Sanii grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was a member of the Tulsa Figure Skating Club. She passed her Juvenile Freeskate and 2nd Figure test under the USFS testing structure. She attended the University of Tulsa, graduating from the Honors program with a B.S. in Chemistry. She later earned a Ph.D.in Chemistry from Georgia Tech, working as a research scientist in industry. She began studying ice dance under former World and European Championship ice dance competitor Johnathon O’Dougherty at Sharks Ice in San Jose, and continues to work with formal international ice dance competitor Graham Payne. She has achieved through the Pre-Silver Ice Dancing test under the USFS test structure. She also organizes the annual Atlanta Ice Dance weekend, which attracts between 50-60 skaters from all over the US and Canada. She began coaching in 2015, and has been Skating Academy Director since 2016. She holds a PSA Registered Rating in Group Instruction and is available for private lessons.


Ellen Poulsen skated for the All Year FSC in So. California and is a Gold Medalist in Freestyle, a Silver Medalist in Figures, and Bronze Medalist in Dance under the USFS testing structure. She has a BS in Kinesiology from UCLA and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Emory University. “Skating has taught me important lessons and opened many doors. I coach to give others the same opportunity to benefit from having skating in their lives” She has been coaching for 15 years and has had skaters test to the Novice level and compete at Regionals. She has a Certified Freeskate, Registered MIF and Group ratings from the PSA. She is available as a primary coach focused on USFS competitions and testing. She also specializes in Therapeutic Skating.


Sherry Hewitt has been teaching since 1988 in both Alaska and Georgia. She is a former competitive skater and worked with the Ice Capades for 3 years. She holds ratings in Group Instruction and Freeskate with the Professional Skaters Association. She is available as a primary coach for basic skills skaters and is a spin specialist for many of the competitive skaters.


Kaysi Thompson is a former US National Medalist and International competitor. She also has duel citizenship and has passed her Senior Field Moves and Freestyle under the UK and USFS testing structures. She trained under Olympic coach Robin Wagner. She is a Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field and a Silver Medalist in Ice Dance. She holds a PSA Certified Freestyle rating. Kaysi has 11 years of coaching experience. She specializes in jump technique and moves in the field and is available as a primary coach geared towards USFS competitions and testing.


Megan Berntson has been skating for nearly 25 years, and coaching for 10 years. She comes from Warwick, Rhode Island, where she enjoyed competing up to Silver Solo Ice Dancing as well as Senior level Synchronized Skating. She has achieved through the Pre-Gold Ice Dancing test under the USFS testing structure. She loves to share her enthusiasm for the sport with skaters of all ages. Her PSA credentials include a Registered rating in Group Instruction and a Certified Pattern Dance rating. Megan specializes in Ice Dance instruction, as well as Basic Skills levels 1-6, and loves to coach skaters at competitions.  She is also excited to be one of the directors of the Atlanta Phoenix Ice Theatre.


Krystal Ostrowski is a former senior level competitive skater.

She is a Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate. Krystal has a BA in criminal justice/forensic science. She specializes in moves in the field, freeskate, basic skills, and is available as a primary coach. She trained under Aren Nielsen, Sherry Eddings, and Elizabeth Wright-Johnson.  Krystal also holds a Level 4 Certification in the hockey association and coached a Squirt AA travel championship team. She has a PSA Registered Rating in Group Instruction and Freestyle. 


Lisa Reilly-Polunin is a former world ranked International Latin Ballroom Dance competitor.  She won the Ohio Star Ball Championships and was Silver medalist at the Pro Am World Championships in Miami.  She was the lead dancer in Walt Disney Worlds Splashtacular show and traveled the country as a featured performer with Disney.  Lisa was a company member of several modern and jazz companies in both Atlanta and Florida.  She has a PSA Registered Choreographer rating. She also has a Foundation Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Shaw Academy. Lisa is very enthusiastic about being one of the Directors of our Atlanta Phoenix Ice Theatre team.


Sindy Kim is a former competitive figure skater from South Korea with over 20 years of skating experience. She trained in many Olympic facilities including Toyota Sports Center in California and Korean National training center. She is a Double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field under USFS testing structure. Sindy has 5 years of numerous international ice shows experience as principal skater including Disney on ice, Royal Caribbean, and Busch Gardens to name a few. She holds a PSA Registered Rating in Freestyle and is available as a primary coach.