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Info and Schedule

 The next Duluth Skating Academy semester of Learn to Skate classes will resume on Monday February 15th. 

Welcome to IceForum Duluth Skating Academy!

We're excited to help you learn to skate! We typically offer 7-week semester classes for tots, kids, and adults year-round, offering the Learn to Skate USA program of United States Figure Skating (USFS).

Click to learn more about the nationwide Learn to Skate USA program:

To get started, you will first need to choose your skating package. We offer a variety of skating academy packages, ranging from one group class a week to two group classes a week with four (4) 15-minute private lessons.

After you've chosen your skating package, then you can decide what day(s) you'd like to enroll. If you choose a package that includes additional private lessons, the Skating Academy Director will set you up with a private lesson coach, or you can select a coach yourself by directly approaching them. 

When you register at the front desk before the first Monday of any semester you will receive a $5.00 discount!

Check out photos and video of our Skating Academy Facebook and Instagram!

Please e-mail the Skating Academy Director to set up your Gold Medal Package private lessons.


In 2021, there is an additional $28 for skate rental for the entire semester if you need to rent skates.



**When you register for a Specialty Class with your group package you will receive a $24.00 credit towards the following semester. This credit is to be used for LTS only.**


Register online:

After registering online, you will need to print your payment confirmation and bring it to the rink, where you will need to fill out the class card above. Again, if you do not present your class card, you can purchase a replacement card for $5.00.


Additional Notes:

JUNIOR CLUB offered from 6:40 -7:55 pm Wednesdays after Learn to Skate


Alternative classes are as follows. Skater must meet the listed minimum skill level to participate:


Advanced Skating Skills - Passed Adult 6 or Basic 6 (alternates weekly between work in Spins, Jumps, Footwork)


Theatre on Ice - Passed Adult 6 or Pre-Freeskate


What to Wear:

Thin socks (bulky socks will bunch up and be uncomfortable)

Warm pants or skating tights (can purchase in dance wear stores)

Coat or jacket

Gloves or mittens


Renting Skates:

Skates can be rented for the entire semester for a one-time fee of $28.00 for the semester. This includes skate rental for either public sessions and for classes during the entire 7-week semester. 


Purchasing Skates:

Those interested in purchasing skates in our pro shop must first schedule an appointment for a foot measurement/skate fitting with  Zynthia Jastremski  At 


After Zynthia measures the skater's feet, she will recommend a model and size suitable to the skater.


If we have that skate in stock, the blades can be sharpened in our pro shop for free for the first sharpening ($10 each time after that) and the skater can leave the pro shop with their new skates.


If we don't have the skate in stock and have to place an order, expect to wait 10 days to 2 weeks for the skates to arrive. When the skates arrive, Zynthia will contact you to schedule a final fitting. Please check your junk folder for emails.


Skate Purchase Discount:

All current Skating Academy students receive a 10% discount on skates purchased in our pro shop.


Skates purchased in our pro shop will be at least $100 and be good quality skates that give the skater proper ankle support that will help prevent injuries that cheaper, 'floppy' boots from sporting goods stores. If you are not ready to make the financial commitment, we highly recommend  renting skates until you are ready to purchase. 


Skate care:

Never let your skate blades come into contact with anything other than ice, or the black rubber matting at the rink. Otherwise, you will get nicks on your blade that will make it harder to glide on the ice.

After each skating session, use a soft towel to dry off both your boot and blade.

Use 'soakers' (which can also be purchased for $7 in our pro shop) to keep your blades protected and dry when not in use (see image).

Here is a flowchart to see how skaters can progress from our Learn to Skate classes to higher level skating (hockey or free skating):

Home School Skate Days are every 3rd Friday of the month

The cost for homeschoolers is $5.50 (instead of the regular $10 admission), and includes skate rental for each homeschool child. This pertains to the homeschool child only, anyone else who would like to skate the price is $12.00 per person including skate rental.

Homeschool skating session is on the 12:30- 2:00 public session.

Happy Skating!